Roper Communication Infrastructure

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Charleston, SC, 2012

The existing fourth floor and several small auxiliary spaces of the Roper Hospital in Charleston South Carolina is being renovated.  Approximately 11,000 SF of floor space will be affected by the renovation.  The majority of the construction will center on the fourth floor of the east tower.  The fourth floor will be renovated into a new MDF (Main Distribution Frame) to support the Information Systems of the hospital and house the hospitals escort department.  Along with the MDF and Escort department located on the fourth floor 15 new IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frame) will be constructed throughout the hospital.

Renovation design consists of a new main communication distribution room (MDF) and support areas, including the creation of: 

  • 13 new communication distribution rooms
  • New cabling of majority of the building for voice/ data
  • Infrastructure support for new nurse call system in hospital
  • Central UPS system with two utility sources
  • Distribution to new and existing communication distribution rooms
  • Fiber communication distribution to communication distribution rooms
  • Redundant chiller and chilled water feed to house chilled water to supply CRAC units.
  • PDU power distribution system in the MDF
  • Multi phased project to minimize down time to operations in existing hospital