College of Charleston Central Energy Plant

Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing, Engineering Services

Charleston, SC, 2000

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, The College of Charleston operates its HVAC system with peak efficiency and minimal cost from a Central Energy Plant located at the corner of Coming and Calhoun Streets. The energy plant is the completed project of DWG, who was contracted by the college to replace its antiquated steam absorption chillers and scotch marine type boilers with new, updated systems. 

DWG designed and managed the installation of two new 1200 ton centrifugal chillers and two 15 HP water tube boilers to meet the demand of the existing campus facilities and a new future library, being constructed across the street from the energy plant. DWG served as the prime A/E leader and assembled a team of in-house mechanical and electrical engineers as well as architectural, civil, structural engineers and land surveyors as consultants.

The project began as a study to determine the scope and budget of the project and to project its effect on the campus operations. This study was used to gain approval from the College President to proceed with the design and construction phases. 

The chillers were bid as separate equipment directly by the college; a process that eventually saved the college approximately $300,000, because of the bidding climate at the time. The installation of the remainder of the equipment, piping, etc was bid as a construction project, with a successful low bid below the budget.

The College of Charleston will see an estimated energy savings of $1,200,000 over a twenty year period.