Can You Dig It?

At DWG we like to say, “All work and no play make a consulting engineer a dull boy or girl!” Actually we don’t really say that, because it’s a rather awkward turn of phrase, BUT we do like to have some fun after a hard day at work. And even after working together for nine straight hours, isn’t it amazing that we still want to hang out with each other?!?!

That’s how 18 of us found ourselves participating in the Charleston Beach Volleyball & Social Club Coed League on Tuesday nights. DWG fielded two teams:  How I Set Your Mother and Some Spike It Hot.

Ah, beach volleyball in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina…  Cool fall weather, the sand between our toes, half price drinks at the restaurant next door, heated competition, lots of laughs – could it get any better?

To be honest, YES, it could get a lot better, especially when it comes to our volleyball skills.  While Some Spike It Hot’s Christian Gaeta has never met a set he doesn’t like to kill, and How I Set Your Mother’s Beth Gorney can dig with the best of them, the rest of us certainly won’t be joining Keri Walsh Jennings on any Olympic podium!

Don’t get us wrong... there were some moments of pure volleyball poetry out there:

As for the other moments... Well, what we lacked in finesse, we more than made up for in enthusiasm!

The fall season is over now, so we’ll lick our wounds and rest up; spring volleyball is only a few months away. We hope some of you will join us on the sand for some after-hours fun!

         Hail to the victors!

It’s no secret that we like to have fun in the office. So on Friday, October 28th, we celebrated Halloween with our annual costume contest, chili cook-off, and corn hole tournament. I guess you could also say that we like a little competition now & then.

Best costume went to Mat Root (Team 3 Electrical Consultant), who came as Mr. Frederiksson from the Disney film UP.  Bragging rights for best chili went to Roger Brandel (Team 1 Project Manager).  Victory went to Leah Dintelman (Team 1 Electrical Engineer) and Christian Gaeta (Team 3 Mechanical Consultant) in the corn hole tournament.

Thanks to all who participated!

Movember for Men’s Health

Eight courageous gentlemen participated in the “Mo-vember” campaign for Men’s Health Awareness.  These DWG Moustache Men grew amazingly unique facial hair styles throughout the month of November, as well as donated toward the Movember Foundation charity.  DWG employees voted on the best moustache, and the winner was announced at the office Holiday party December 3rd. Congratulations, and a sweet trophy, go to Michael Shinall (Team 1 Mechanical Consultant).

Addicted to LaCroix

As some of you know,  LaCroix sparkling water has become an office staple.  And why not? It tastes fabulous and it’s healthy, being free of calories and sugar. So when LaCroix announced its recent contest to create an office display, we couldn’t stop ourselves. Winners have yet to be announced, and we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed!