When we first heard we were being considered for a Roaring 20's award we were giddy. Then when we were informed that we actually had won, we thought we were finally getting recognition for our legendary "roaring" late nights in college (studying engineering, of course). After all, as General George Patton once may have said, “you only live once but if you do it right, once is enough”.

We’re even more thrilled that the Roaring 20's is an annual award by SC Biz News given to South Carolina's 20 best performing small businesses. What can we say, we’re the bee’s knees. We know our stellar qualities – client devotion, imaginative spirit, tight-knit camaraderie, industry expertise and most importantly our committed staff – have all attributed to our rapid growth and subsequent selection for this prestigious award. But we cant help wonder if our caviar and champagne with full orchestra inspired gala for the interview may have helped sway their decision...

As a small business winner for the 2014 year, we are honored to be listed alongside the amazing and high performing companies from all industries across the state. To be mentioned in their company is both exciting and humbling and we are looking forward to tipping a glass with everyone at the awards reception in Columbia this October 30th.

 BYOB (Bring your own business)