Fun. Friendly. Hilarious. Modern. Professional.  We’ve been called all these things before. Our old website, however, was very much the opposite of us. With a lively and modern office and top notch professional work, we knew we needed something as unique as us. As a result, we partnered with SLANT to get to know who we really are and convey that in a funky, fresh, and modern website. 

Cue the mood boards (no, not related to mood rings), photo shoots, hilarious (yet accurate copywriting), parallax scrolling (who knew such sorcery existed!), and responsive design for you trendy hipsters on your phones and tablets. Turns out creating a web presence can be both fun and fulfilling. 

Check out the rest of the site— laugh, learn, and see what it means to be a part of DWG. 

Oh yeah, and this: